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I have a VB app that neds to read a variable entered by a user, access an Access database and read some information from it based on the entered variable.

It then needs to load a report and put the information on the reports controls.

And depending on how long your item takes it can appear to freeze your database. Things like changing the recordsource on a subform or a bunch of control labels would be something you might want but running a large query, no.

You set it to False for it to not change anything on screen until you set it back to True.

I have changed it slightly so it loops 10,000 times and I execute it 10 times for sample size.

Disabled Enabled 0.61909653 2.105066913 0.619555829 2.106865363 0.620805767 2.106866315 0.625528325 2.102403315 0.625319976 2.0991179 0.621287448 2.105103142 0.621540236 2.101392665 0.624537531 2.106866716 0.620401789 2.109004449 There is one important thing to know about screen updating which I didn’t see in any previous answer.

As it stands now, the user can see Excel opening / closing. In Excel there you can use appliction.screenupdating = false to prevent this type of thing. Also, when I use it, for some reason, I can't return to Access from the VB editor - I have to force shut the DB and then reopen. If you don't want Excel to update you would use your Excel Application Object and set it, not Access. Screen Updating = False or if you don't want to see Excel at all until you're done, keep it invisible by not setting the visible property to true until done.

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Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free.I can do all of this apart form the last bit where I access the report and write the data onto the reports controls. (just a personal joke there) I have as much knowledge of Access as the huns have of European football after Christmas.