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17-Oct-2017 07:14

Whether you are snowed in, have nothing to do and are looking for a way to have some fun or want to spice up your love life, indulging in a sexy board game or two is the perfect way to pass the time.

Spending an intimate evening alone with your partner is not always about the physical.

When you were 13, did you look 9 and pass yourself off as 16? (laughs) CJ: You banged 6 more times that night, did that open up the floodgates? Then I took someone else’s virginity and I said, ‘Fuck! ’ I guess you could say I got promiscuous because once I had sex, I wanted to fuck.

I had a super duper crush on someone else and I was constantly talking to him and I took his virginity. Piper: Before porn, I think it was in the early 20s. I’d have 200 guys in my inbox and it was annoying and they only wanted one thing.

We make it easier to pick the one that you and your significant other will enjoy and use.

If you are an avid sexy game player, add new games to your expanding collection.

(laughs) CJ: How many guys did you sleep with before porn? I was also on different social media websites and I just wanted to talk to different people. I could post an innocent picture of myself, even just my face, and guys would flood my inbox with sexual suggestions. I had been approached with offers like this in the past and they usually were.

Piper: Actually, my first experience ever was with a girl in the 6 grade. I remember one girl told her mom and we couldn’t play together anymore. I kicked him out and I had all these bills and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. She told me I had the perfect body and face for adult films and magazines. She worked for an agency and had done some videos herself.

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She is just getting started but she has quite a following already. Maybe a year before that although I didn’t go crazy. My best friend was encouraging me to lose my V card and join the club. I had numerous requests to interview Piper and I’m happy to oblige! I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on a very nice summer day, I’ve been told. If I relax, for example if I’m taking a really big dick, I’m not going to be so focused on keeping everything tight. You kind of like let yourself go and “I don’t give a fuck if my vagina is getting stretched, it’ll go back to normal.’ CJ: When did you lose your virginity? I remember using a hair brush handle and I masturbated all day long. I was always an A student, a nerdy girl, very quiet, very book warmish, very self-conscious, very shy.

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