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Nobody paid attention to the fact that today's pigs were yesterday's progressive idols who used to act within the accepted norms of our libidinous progdom.But the P-specter has changed the rules; the new norms are remorseless and retroactive.It was followed by trans and gender fluidity indoctrination of kindergarteners.Depravity and profanity entered the White House under the Clintons, with security detail recalling Hillary cursing at them like a sailor; the Obama-Biden team wasn't much of an improvement.Our sexual revolution became a Freudian slip-and-fall mess.We began to purge everyone who didn't live up to the new puritanical standard, even if it meant losing valuable comrades. We used to thrive on vulgarity, promiscuity, and wholesale permissiveness - it was part of our culture wars.The famous Free Speech Movement in Berkeley was all about the free use of four-letter words; it was later celebrated as an heroic legend.

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Our shagadelic utopia was almost complete, filled with drugs, smut, and - yeah baby - lots of pussy. We were building a bawdy new world where anyone, regardless of age, race, or income could eat as much pussy as he or she liked. The Trump tape has since been eclipsed by the much more vivid details about our lecherous comrades raping, groping, harassing, and intimidating women. But like an electrocuted hand that can't let go of a hot wire, we can't let go of the P-issue, and it is killing us.In the process we became impossible zero-tolerance prudes.