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All the kind os the stats are all 100% high, so and the criminal rating is King of San Andreas. All the bulletproof popular rare sport cars in all of the garages. Hunter in the most of the time appears in the flying school, NRG-500 bike will appears if you take for a ride the PCJ-900 in the bike school and you come back again to see the two bikes parked over there. This is a 100% completed Save Game with many bonuses, like proofed (BP/EP/FP/DP) vehicles in all garages (including the unused FBI Truck and SWAT Van (S. Ballas' last stronghold in Los Santos in Jefferson Motel.

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While we do our best to ensure all files are safe, The GTA Place cannot accept responsibility for the contents of user-submitted files.

When I unzip the file, I end up with a save game file called GTAsasf1.b - but where the heck do I put this?

I'm not a computer expert I'm afraid, just like playing the game!

(Updated 8/30/05) Changes: - Money increased to million - All garages filled with various vehicles - Slight revisions to things, now starts with brass knuckles and armor Misc. - - All unique stunts done - All golds in all schools - All skills maxed out - Both "Beat the cock" challenges done - All clothes purchased/available - All 6 girlfriends alive and at 100% - All gang territory taken over - No cheat used warning before saving For anyone who has trouble using it, the file goes into the "My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files" directory.

And to clear any additional confusion, this save is intended for the PC version ONLY, and was made for the standard that installs normally with the game.

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