Han hye jin dating

07-Jul-2017 01:36

Han told a Korean newspaper: “We decided to rent wedding clothes and exchange only wedding rings.

“We chose a wedding hall that could accommodate a lot of people, but it will be far from a luxury wedding.” Han’s agency Namoo Actors said: “Han wanted to forestall groundless rumours about her marriage.

Swansea City’s South Korean international Ki Sung Yueng is to have a “Gangnam style” wedding next month to actress and TV presenter Han Hye-jin.

Experienced wedding makeup artist already booked, as well as the dancing instructor.

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One giveaway was that Ki’s boots suddenly became custom imprinted with HJ SY 24 (HJ for Hye-jin, SY for Sung-Yueng, and 24 for Ki’s Swansea City kit number).Gangnam is known as the “Mayfair of Seoul”, a high-rise district in a modern, upmarket shopping area which features the huge Korean World Trade Centre seen in the Gangnam Style video.

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