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20-Nov-2017 12:43

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Say something you want to try.” “[R]ole playing is one of the things that brought me to a more comfortable place about my own twisted sexuality.

Though I felt deeply conflicted about being submissive, and it did not sit well with my fiercely feminist heart, I could to be submissive — you know, for science.

The fact that there were other people out there who had these fantasies, that it was not just fodder for erotica, but actually a reality…

well, that was a revelation that just about blew off the top of her skull.

When the guy your mother warned you about is exactly the guy you're looking for, the usual rules of dating aren't going to help you out much!

Learn from one girl's mistakes - and she's made some doozies - as you find out what life is like for a single woman today in the world of dominance, submission, BDSM, fetish and kink.

These games allowed me to playfully investigate a newly unearthed part of my psyche and to become more comfortable with it.

It felt safer for me to make-believe my way into a new realm.

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" - Rachel Kramer Bussel, Senior Editor, Penthouse Variations "Single kinky girls rejoice!, editor Tristan Taormino writes, “This book is for everyone who dares to expand their erotic desires beyond the ordinary.” What is ordinary, of course, shifts according to where you are standing.