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Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. MEETING THE OUTBREAK OF WAR 185 A week later and still before the arrival in America of official notification of the existence of war, Shirley met the Massachusetts legislature.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. The one engrossing topic of his speech to the legislature was defense.

This study would not have been- possible along the lines which have been followed without the light thrown upon almost all questions of importance by unpublished documents l O PREPACB in the Pu Uic Record Oflfice. Ohio State Univebsity, February 2J, 192a CHAPTER I Lares and Penates Ample records which reverent historians of the Shirley family have patiently collected make it obvious that the governor was a gentleman connected by Uood with many noble families, among whose members were some even of royal descent^ These aristocratic connections, however, ^ The family emerges from the mists of tradition in the person of one Saswalo or Sewallis de Eatingdon, who rouses interest by possessing large estates in four different counties just after the conquest of England by William die Norman. * Shirley to the governors of New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island, July, 1743, Ar., vol. The result was that such bills ceased to pass in the public offices of the province and their circulation was somewhat checked in the country districts. 307-310), and by the act retiring the Massachusetts paper money in 1749, such bills were permanently excluded from cur- rency in the province. The work of composition had been begun but had not been carried far enough to receive the criticism which Professor Osgood was so richly equipped to give before his last sacrifice on be- half of historical scholarship had been made. Dunning of Columbia University has given very valuable assistance and counsel in the prep- aration of the manuscript for the press. Spencer of Ohio State University for his many very helpful suggestions for the in^ovennent of the manuscript. Schlesinger, of the State University of Iowa, Professor Charles C. The figures given by Shirley for the emissions of bills of credit for the years indicated vary somewhat from those contained in the table appended to Davis, " Currency and Banking," loc. l8o WILLIAM SHIRLEY— A HISTORY Sums specified for retirement in acts for drawing in bilb of credit issued under i Sfairley, passed or projected before December, 1743 : Second Computed New Sterling Tenor Value Retired in 1742 ^21,638 : o : 354 Voted in 1743 and largely in by Dec., 1743 23,738: 4: 9K Total 45,376: 5 : i Proposed taxes for 17 equdl to those for 17. 39,623 : 14: 11 £26,414: 9: i^i Progress in retirement of bills estimated by Shirley: Second New Old Tenor Tenor Of those left out by Belcher : by May, 1744 £400,000 by December, 1744, an additional 50,000 by December, 1744, also the sum emitted in December, 1742 to make good the deficiency of Belcher's fund i8,ooo 32,000 Total 482,000 By end of 1746 all other emissions under Shirley to December, 1743 240,000 Total 722,000 The data upon which this statement is based is drawn from Shirley to Board, Dec. In reply the representatives freely granted authority (which he already had through his commission and instructions) to take necessary military steps to protect the inland frontier and coast with the as^ surance that he might " safely depend " that all charges in- curred for such purposes by the advice of the council would be provided for in the next supply. Huntington of Ohio State University and Pro- fessor Elmer B. REFORMS, CHIEFLY ECONOMIC 173 sentiment and the governor had impressed the legislature with the imminence of Parliamentary action, he succeeded in getting a law through the assembly forbidding the last emission of Rhode Island bills and future issues by govern- ments outside Massachusetts from circulating there. Total issues of paper money tinder Shirley to Dec, 1743 85,000 Total retired and voted to be retired in 1742 and I743 45,376: 5 : i Balance of issues under Shirley out- standing after tax of 1743 was in . The assttnbly added, however : " Should there be a power invested in any other than the general court to infer upon the province a large ex- pense, it might be a precedent dangerous to us, altho' we 1 C/. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible.

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The present study was tmdertaken without other plan 7 8 PREFACE than to place a colonial administrator in his proper setting. 181 l82 WILLIAM SHIRLEY-'A HISTORY do not imagine any immediate damage would accrue to the province by such a proceeding at this time." ^ After the existence of war was known, Shirley renewed his effort to make the lower house provide for prompt action in a military emergency arising in recess of the assembly, but without effect* Meanwhile Shirley hdd the legislature in session by four adjournments from March 226 to April 28th, before dis- solution, apparently expecting notice of the outbreak of war. Under these circumn stances, Kilby, the Massachusetts agent in England, sug- gested that as the garrison was useless at Canso it should be at once sent to Annapolis Royal. O, s 900, 104; Shirley to Newcastle, July 7, I744» Sh.

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