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A clear sign that this case was being received differently than other homosexuality charges was the fact that many family members of the defendants came to the trial.

In other cases, families tried to distance themselves from the scandal.

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Cameras were banned in the room, but one of the defendants thought he saw a reporter snap a picture with his cell phone as the men were locked in a metal cage at the front of the courtroom before the trial began. ” he yelled, and suddenly almost everyone in the room was screaming.One relative at the hearing who gave his name as Mahmoud told Buzz Feed News that he wouldn’t rest until Mona Iraqi was behind bars, along with the morals officer who led the raid, Lt. The scene outside the court was profoundly different from the one at Egypt’s last mass trial for homosexuality in 2001, when 52 men were put on trial in a case identified by the name of the floating nightclub where some of them were arrested, the Queen Boat.