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Training also covered off-road riding, the Russian language, and motorbike maintenance.

They took advice from experts and embassy officials about the more remote countries they were to visit.

The series aired on Sky 1 from 18 October 2004 – 1 February 2005.

From 14 April 2004 to 29 July 2004, Ewan Mc Gregor, Charley Boorman, motorcycle riding cameraman Claudio von Planta, along with director/producers David Alexanian and Russ Malkin, travelled from London to New York City via Western and Central Europe, Ukraine, Western Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia and Canada, over a cumulative distance of 18,887 miles (30,396 km).

Long Way Round (LWR) is a British television series, DVD set and book documenting the 19,000-mile (31,000 km) journey of Ewan Mc Gregor and Charley Boorman from London to New York City on motorcycles.

They travelled eastwards through Europe and Asia, flew to Alaska, and continued on by road to New York.

This could have led to seizure of their cameras, but a bribe was paid and the team allowed to continue.

A similar problem occurred when crossing into Ukraine: border officials insisted on seeing original copies of the vehicle registration certificates, while the team only had photocopies.

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The team grew tired of these unscheduled events and eventually insisted they be allowed to travel alone.After an incident when a passenger in a passing car pointed a handgun at them on a deserted stretch of highway, the team realised the value of police protection and were glad to see the authorities when they reached the next town.The on-board cameras used by Mc Gregor and Boorman were designed specifically for the trip by Sonic Communications, in consultation with the team.The summer runoff from the icemelt was in full flow and the bikes eventually had to be loaded onto passing trucks to be ferried across a few of the deepest rivers.

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The journey passed through twelve countries, starting in the UK, then through France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Canada, and the US, ending in New York City.They arrived in New York on schedule, and rode into the city accompanied by a phalanx of bikers including Mc Gregor's father Jim and the Orange County Choppers crew.

Studio vice president Sidney Sheinberg was impressed by the film, which had won a number of awards, and offered Spielberg a seven-year directing contract.… continue reading »

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